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Hedworth Court, Hendon, Sunderland


Remodelling and refurbishment of multi-storey social housing block


Hedworth Court, Hendon, SunderlandHedworth Court, Hendon, Sunderland tower block


The refurbishment of Hedworth Court, a no-fines concrete, 20-storey, residential tower block, was one of a series of projects undertaken by the City of Sunderland on this high-rise estate in Hendon


The principal aims and achievements of the project were :-


1) remodel the layout and modernise the dwellings to current standards and to meet tenants’ expectations

2) remodel the common areas including lifts, entrance lobby and provide new facilities on the ground floor

3) improve safety and security throughout the development with restricted access and improved lighting

4) redevelop external areas in an integrated landscaping scheme to provide common facilities across the estate

5) improve the technical performance and maintenance of the block, including insulated rendering and windows

Dewjo’c Architects were appointed, together with Glen Kemp Landscape Architects, to commence this project in March 1998. Philip Newbold, Senior Architectural Technician with Dewjo’c Architects was the Lead Designer and Project Manager. During the design phase there was an extensive consultation process with the Council, tenants and local community groups. The construction phase was also challenging and was delayed by the presence of materials containing asbestos. Remodelling of the internal layout on the 19 upper floors involved reducing the number of flats on each floor from five to four by enlarging two flats from 1-bed to 2-bed accommodation. The former open undercroft at ground floor level was enclosed to provide a communal laundry, assisted bathroom, secure entrance lobby, residents’ common room and kitchen with access into a secure landscaped garden area

The project was completed in 2000 at a cost of £2.9m and was fully occupied immediately

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