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New House at Mountaincastle, Co. Waterford, Republic of Ireland




Mark & Angela Feldon bought this isolated building plot in Spring 2006 with no mains services available apart from a limited capacity electricity supply. The 3500 sqm site faces south and slopes down towards the road and the house was sited on the higher part of the plot to maximise solar gain and afford views of the mountains to the north-west. Local planning rules largely dictated the choice of materials, render for the walls and slate for the roof


The internal layout provides 200 sqm of accommodation over two floors but the owners currently use the house as a 3-bedroomed dormer bungalow with storage space on the first floor which can provide two further bedrooms in the future. Most of the double glazed windows face south or west to maximise solar gain and provide the best views of the surrounding countryside. A detached double garage also includes storage for wood and water tanks


As the site is quite exposed, we decided to use fully-filled masonry cavity walls with additional internal insulation to provide excellent levels of thermal mass, air tightness and a target U-value of 0.14. Insulated and screeded concrete floors incorporate underfloor heating and the traditional dormer warm roof incorporates rigid insulation


Space heating and hot water is provided by an IVT Greenline HT Plus C ground-source heat pump and water is sourced from a deep well in the back garden. The heating is supplemented by an open fire in the Living Room and total running costs average out at less than 100 Euros per month in spite of two recent very cold winters

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