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Conservation & Restoration


"Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful" William Morris (1834-1896)

Conservation and restoration of existing buildings is a form of recycling and encompasses everything from the Listed Buildings administered by English Heritage to a thirties semi in a suburban street. While many well-known conservation organisations like The National Trust tend to concentrate on caring for landmark buildings with period features or historical value, any alterations or extensions to a building can be seen as a form of restoration

While the current economic climate in the UK has decimated the new-build sector of the construction industry, it has made us look again at our existing buildings, both commercial and domestic. This climate, together with the one outside, is also making us look at the energy consumption of our buildings and this presents Architects with possibly their biggest challenge for the future. How do we conserve the treasured fabric and external appearance of our built heritage while reducing the running costs? Almost 90% of the buildings we will be living and working in by 2016 have already been built so we have got our work cut out to make a significant reduction in energy use in our buildings

So while the future of new building will undoubtedly concentrate on achieving high insulation values and low energy use using modern equipment and materials, the vast majority of our older buildings will have to be modified to accommodate our new lifestyles while conserving their best features and reducing their running costs. This will involve careful evaluation of the existing building fabric and services, the building users’ present and future needs and compliance with legislation. Early dialogue with conservation bodies such as English Heritage and the local planning officers is also essential if the building is listed, has valuable period features or is located in a Conservation Area

Conversions & Extensions

We have considerable experience in the conversion and extension of existing buildings. This includes everything from domestic extensions to schools, village halls and the multi-million pound conversion of a Grade II Listed Building. Previous Clients include Local Authorities, Housing Associations Charitable Trusts and Commercial Property Developers

At new bold design we take a personal, holistic approach to building design and project management by considering the historical context, accessibility and energy conservation so we can deliver buildings that are fit for all our futures.

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